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We created 'links' to get you to the course. 

Great Weather Link: WQAD Weather

United States Graphic This is a snow cover map of North America. Click on the link below to go to the NOAA Automated Snow Mapping System for the most current map. It is derived from satellite images, and it is updated every day. It is a "real time" image of where the snow is in North America Currently. Or try the NOAA Satellite Services Division


 GOES-8 CONUS Visible icon     
This is the visible GOES Satellite Image of North America. Click on it to be able to "see" where the snow is. A "visible" satellite image is just what it says, it's a picture of the Earth from space using light from the sun.


Imagemap to select NSA subregion This is the an  image from the Hydrological Information Center Snow Conditions Website. This is a good website to see maps of  how much snow is on the ground in different regions of the country, including the Midwest. Just Click on the Satellite Snow Cover Maps Link, and go to the NOHRSC Satellite Products page.


Weather USA Weather Reports
WX USA has an excellent precipitation map that you can interact with to find the current precipitation in the location you would like to play. Just Click this link to go to their interactive map.


610day.01.gif (26722 bytes) This is the 6 to 10 day Temperature/Precipitation Forecast maps from the National Climate Prediction Center in Maryland. Use it and the precipitation map there to see what the weather will be doing up to a week and a half in advance.

ALL GOLF QC.com's promotion of any other website other than our own is purely for research purposes.




Our "passion for the game" doesn't stop because of a little cold weather. Golf continues despite flucuations in QCA weather.




18 Hole Courses

6. Duck Creek GC 
    Davenport, Ia
20. Palmer Hills 
      Bettendorf, IA

4. Hidden Hills GC
    Bettendorf, IA
1. Deer Run GC 
    Hamilton, IL
2. Gold Hills  GC
    Colchester, IL
3. Great River Road
    Nauvoo, IL
5. Highland Park 
    Bloomington, IL
7. Madison Park
    Peoria, IL
8. Oaks GC 
    Springfield, IL
9. Parkview GC
     Pekin, IL
10. Saukie GC
      Rock Island, IL
11. Westview GC
      Quincy, IL
12. Country Hills 
      Greenview, IL

9 Hole Courses

17. Rustic Ridge 
      Eldridge, IA
18. Sunrise GC
     Bettendorf, IA
13. Fawn Creek GC
      Anamosa, IA
14. Fillmore Frwys
      Cascade, IA


*Courses open weather permitting.



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